I'm Quang Lam, the developer of Appifier. I'm a student from Vietnam studying at Luther College (IA, US).

This summer, I’d love to be your intern and build amazing things with you.

You're interested? Go to my website to learn more about me or just send me an email to connect!

[email protected]

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Run Web Apps like Real Apps

Get rid of clunky browser tabs. Protect yourself from cross-website trackers.

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Version 9.4.0. Requirements: macOS 10.9+ | Windows 7+ (64 bit).

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Appifier for macOS

Web apps like Gmail, Facebook Messenger and Instagram are becoming more and more like desktop applications. Running each of these apps in a separate tab in your browser can be a real pain. It not only reduces your productivity but also invades your privacy with cross-website trackers.

Appifier lets you create a real desktop app aka. site-specific browser out of any website or web application, helping you to work more efficiently & protect your privacy (each app runs within an isolated container).

Facebook Messenger, created with Appifier

Facebook Messenger app on Mac, created with Appifier.

It's 100% open source.

All the source code is on GitHub. If you run into a bug, please tell us about it by creating an issue.

It's customizable.

Customize the app to fit your needs: Dark mode, proxy, script injection & more!

It's powered by Electron.

So it uses the latest web technologies provided by Chromium & Node.js.